For the Marvell 88SX50xx chips, there is a product brief document. Other than that, no progress at all to report. Actually in the Kernel 2. Power down your system, pop the card into the slot, boot up and add the driver. Currently, eSATA drives are relatively uncommon, though drives and enclosures are starting to trickle onto the bigger web commerce sites. Unknown device 81d6 Flags: Building your own can be quite easy if using a single drive enclosure, such as the Coolgear silver case shown here.

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Installing the PCI-X card can be a bit of a chore, but the drive itself is a snap to configure and set up. Adding one of these cards is about as easy as adding any expansion card. Marvell 88SX[56 ] 0[48 ] aata libata progress? Use the boot option ‘ahci.

Marvell just provided the documentation to me, but I’ve made no progress yet. Actually in the Kernel 2. For the Marvell 88SX50xx chips, there is a product brief document.

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Marvell 88SE6141 (88SE614x) support

Unknown device 81d6 Flags: You can browse this file here by Web Git: A Gossamer Threads company. Log in Don’t have an account? Currently in the Kernel 2. Anyone else got advice? This workaround work only with chipset that have AHCI support. He said there is a experimental patch for it, but the one he had was an old version. We just got docs for it. Mailing List Archive GT. The floppy drive port connector and 4-pin 12v EZ-Pug are conveniently located on the edge of the board along with the 24 pin ATX power connector.

Asus did not include the new cable designs in their accessory kit, which greatly enhance the security of the SATA connections. If you want to build a multi-drive array, you can find enclosures with up to four slots available, but building one is a little more complex. Give that a try, and let us know if it works or explodes: The layout of this design offers a very good balance of slots and allows for numerous add-in peripheral cards. Unknown device rev 01 prog-if 81 Subsystem: The DIMM module slots’ color coordination is correct for dual channel setup.


ASUS P5WD2-E: Features – Asus P5WD2-E Premium: Intel X for the Enthusiast

Marvell 88SE kernel support? Overclocking Index Basic Features: The code source version is v1. We did not have any issues utilizing either slot with video cards containing single slot cooling systems. Asus places the eight-pin 12v auxiliary power connector at the top of the CPU socket area but out of the way of most aftermarket cooling solutions. LEDs on the front 88see6141 show when a drive goes into failure mode.

Website, accessed October 19, Buy a complete drive, or build one into any of a variety of enclosures available.

The only page for their Ethernet chipsets is: Just a question with the legacy driver would 88s6e141 performance take a hit? Yukon Gigabit Ethernet Controllers.