Into the midrange, it’s more obvious that the ASG has the cleaner sound of the two. Sep 26, Likes Received: MuppetFace , Sep 25, Micro-dynamics performance aka planktons? All-in-all the sound is enjoyable, dynamic and fun and makes for a very engaging listen across a wide range of genres and long sessions of listening. Sep 25, Likes Received:

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MadaboutaudioSep 25, This is 3ah common theme for IEM boards on other audio communities. PsalmanazarThad E Ginathom and Mikoss like this. Both of them exudes the same kind of richness and dynamics from their hybrid system, with some slight differences. Do I have enough experience to back my claims up?

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Please allow us to give you offer than you cannot refused. OJnegSep 25, By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

HitmanFluffySep 25, Do akdio have any knowledge of music production chain? The A3H on the other hand is dead smooth all the way to its peak at 7K, which can give the illusion of darkness to some. Apologies that I don’t have time to recreate another full review here, but please feel free to jump over to my blog if you want to know all the ‘in’s and out’s”. And I read through your blogI think you the cable that you mentioned is actually pwaudio blackicon series pure silver cable that’s around HKD, the default cable that null audio provides is null audio Quantum SPC cable xudio isn’t great compared to a83s stock cable.


December 16, 0. The biggest problem of this review to me is that you were inspired to put forward an authoritative review for the AAW-A3H – yet do not have enough resources, experiences, and balls to back your claims up. Finally, both monitors sport a grooved, perforated metallic bore.

Let us know you if agreed and we will send out IEM to you immediately for your impartial review. Once again, AAW boasts outstanding build quality despite their aggressive pricing — further solidifying these IEMs as disruptive forces in the market today.

Ray and OJneg like this. The version I was loaned uses a dark timber insert in the faceplate on top of a beautiful dark grey acrylic that is essentially opaque except in bright light.

Please consider the following points are usually helpful in a review in this sub forum and SBAF in general: On the flipside, the mids on the ASG are more forward, more expansive and a smidgen aufio and more detailed. Hipster capital of Canada.

You can use in your review to make it better. Sep 24, Likes Received: I am not personally affiliated with the company in any way, nor do I receive any monetary rewards for a positive evaluation. No, create an account now. Before that I’ll just clarify that I’m just someone who likes audio fidelity, though not at the point of going any higher than mid-fi.


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On the other hand, rock sounds much more natural and energetic on the FLC8, producing a clean, quick sound that matches well with the genre. WilsonSep 25, Understand the expectations, cultures, and standards of the readers. What did you use to drive the AAW? Sure, I did get used to it after a month or two, having some of that magical brain burn-in setting itself in, but it was the moment that I put on my A3H did the memories of my initial impressions come flooding back.

Verdict 1 2 3 4.

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Which is quite the disappointment, considering my love for Sinatra and jazz. You can also subscribe without commenting. So let’s break it down.