Such systems rely on the effect of total internal reflection TIR to guide light. This system may be practiced in distributed computing environments where tasks are performed by remote processing devices that are linked through a communications network. Method of measuring optical transfer function, the image restoration method, and a digital imaging device. The imaging system can be designed to implement any of a variety of imaging applications. You add it on to prevent reflected ghosting from happening. A nonlinear mapping transform that unstretches the image and places it back in its original grid is then applied

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Regardless, the diffuse profile may be assessed through measurement of the exit profile, or by ray-tracing or propagation through the known surface topography.

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The transformed image is input to a nonlinear stretching transformwhich provides a constant pitch image Having now described an example implementation, a computing environment in which such a system is designed to operate will now be described.

Because the effect physically takes place at the real spatial domain above the wedge main face, such a filter is applied after the image content has been corrected to be in the exit face domain, i. Method, program and apparatus for efficiently removing stray-flux effects by selected-ordinate image processing.

Some LCD panels exhibit a substantially rectilinear array of RGB apertures, while others may exhibit chevron shapes or other shaped apertures. For example, a bar code whether one-dimensional or two-dimensional, such as a quick response QR code recognizer can be implemented by the imaging system Communication media antiggost carries computer program instructions, data structures, program modules or other data in a modulated data signal such as a carrier wave or other transport mechanism and includes any information delivery media.

While this example assumes an integer multiple of pixels in the spacing of the ghosts, PSFs representing partial pixel placement of the ghosts may be generated by interpolation, as long as total sum energy in the PSF is kept constant, such that partially-filled neighboring pixels may represent positions within a pixel spacing.

However, the transition between TIR and fiilter is not a pure transition, and a partial amount of light is accepted by cilter wedge, according to the Fresnel reflectivity curve, near the TIR transition angle. However, any slight vertical offset due to camera misalignment is captured by an offset variable r y. By using knowledge of the diffuse angular exit profile of the diffuser, a PSF filtet be generated then used to deconvolve blur artifacts in image due to the antighosr of the diffuse, or matte, layer.


Normalization thus can be performed using Equation Using a PSF that corrects for even a single bounce can have significant impact on image correction, depending on the wedge angle of the wedge optic.

The fklter system can be designed to implement any of a variety of imaging applications. Now x and y are defined in terms of the undistorted coordinate system:.

Wired gaming keyboard Defender Werewolf GK-120DL EN,RGB light,19 Anti-Ghost

The function may be determined from ray tracing data for the wedge design, by determining bounce points along the wedge, or by mathematically determining bounce points and then fitting the bounce location relation to a curve. The storage can be any kind of memory or storage device. This effect is iterative; the full amount of light entering a given bounce is dictated by the fractional amount of light which reflected from previous bounce.

This step maps the data onto a new grid such that the ghosting is not only aligned to one dimension, but the ghost offsets are consistent versus position across the grid along the ghosting dimension. In such a case, the physical optics response of the film or layer, such as a diffuse angular character, may be determined by calculation of an exit pattern by ray-tracing or beam propagation through the known surface topography.

The window may be tilted with respect to or at an angle orthogonal to the bisector angle of the wedge. No, create an account now. The face and window are the primary optical input and output, depending on whether the wedge is being used for projection or imaging. Although this analog cutoff is not binary, it is predictable and therefore can be mapped. I often just color the front of the lens barrel with Sharpie permanent marker and I have painted them with flat black paint also.


Computer storage media includes volatile and nonvolatile, removable and non-removable media implemented in any method or technology for storage of information such as computer program instructions, data structures, program modules or other data.

To remove the ghost image, the image is normalized, and then transformed filteer purposely deform the image in two dimensions so that ghost directionality as well as ghost pitch versus position is forced to be constant and directed along the dimensions of grid, such as shown in FIG. An increase in this peak pointing angle can imply a larger apparent aperture width, and thus smaller diffraction envelope.

What is an “anti ghost sticker” | ScubaBoard

Proper handle of waste by our stewards. The computing system environment is only one example of a suitable computing environment and is not intended to suggest any limitation as to the scope of use or functionality of such a computing environment.

Other example applications include, but are not limited to, imaging objects placed on display surface such as finger touch events or tags, or objects identifiable via an affixed tag identifier, antighist that the surface is imaged in a substantially telecentric manner through an LCD panel, or other transparent panel such as transparent OLED, imaging substantially telecentrically through and beyond a transparent or semi-transparent display panel.

By removing the artifacts computationally instead of optically, manufacturing costs and complexity are reduced over prior solutions. The specific implementations described above are disclosed as examples only. The point spread function PSF which is antighodt to deconvolve the ghost from the image data is derived to represent the physical offset of ghost bounces, and may be carried out to any reasonable number of ghosts in series in order to diminish the impact of ghosting in the image.

ScotttydJan 22, The computer-implemented process of claim 1wherein processing the image comprises: