It used a gameport connector to interface with the computer. Sony DualShock 3 Gamepad Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. It was a simple two button, three axis joystick. The line was first launched in The only moving parts were mechanical on the throttle and joystick pivots which gave this joystick virtually unlimited lifetime. It featured a trigger button, a thumb button and a throttle wheel on left side of the base.

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In digital mode, the D-pad controlled the x- and y-axis pfo a traditional digital control pad therefore, there was no hat switch function in digital mode. It used a gameport connector to interface with the computer. The device also has three movement axes; X, Y and Z rotation. Not to mention the fact that its USB, and is truly plug and play with most titles. The Game Voice is an early voice chat device. However, these competing software packages do not offer voice command systems.

Retrieved September 30, As Microsoft’s first SideWinder joystick, the 3D Pro was responsible for setting the overall design as seen in all of Microsoft’s future joysticks.

Learning from their past mistakes, Microsoft introduced the SideWinder Precision Pro incorrecting the ergonomic issues, fixing some of the electrical issues, and adding new features. The basis of Microsoft’s last generation of SideWinder joysticks, the Precision 2 design was a further refinement of the previous Precision Pro. In addition, the mouse was made wireless, and the maximum DPI sensitivity was upped to The Precision Pro also added a shift button to the base, doubling the number of possible button combinations.


Microsoft SideWinder

Optimize Precision Pro for your gaming style by programming keystrokes, keystrings, and chords to single joystick buttons. Video game controllers Microsoft hardware. In this mode, manual calibration was required, the four base-buttons no longer function and, the joystick would function essentially like a CH Flightstick Pro or Thrustmaster FCS sidewwinder on the mode selector switch. This article needs additional citations for verification.

skdewinder As of OctoberMicrosoft no longer has any Sidewinder branded products on its hardware website. If you’re trying to use it for strict digital direction controls, you’ll find yourself annoyed at having to press down what feels like a trigger every time you want to get a character or vehicle to make a simple turn.

Microsoft Sidewinder Game Pad Pro Review – IGN

Due to the inclusion of the motors, prl Force Feedback Pro was significantly larger and heavier than the Precision Pro, making it easy to differentiate between the two.

The Strategic Commander is a highly ergonomic device, and resembles a large mouse in shape, contoured for the left hand.

The SideWinder Standard joystick was a more basic joystick released around the same time as the 3D Pro. Original Precision Pros remain incompatible with gsmepad converter, [10] but a user made converter exists. There may be some work-arounds with third-party tools, but I’m not aware of any. This joystick came in two varieties: To provide power for the puck LEDs and drive the voice command and channel functions, a USB connection was also required.


However, if you happen to have an Xbox wired controller, you can plug it directly into your PC and starting using it.

Games such as Motocross Madness which was bundled with and designed for the controller profited from this physical interaction.

These software packages only sidewinded the host or server, whereas each person would have to own a Game Voice in order to use the hardware and software. Three buttons are located near the thumb in an arc.

Microsoft SideWinder Game Pad Pro configure Buttons

A wireless controller, on the other hand, requires a wireless gaming receiver such as this one on Amazon. Compared to the Precision Pro, the Precision 2 dropped the Pro’s shift button, replaced the throttle wheel with a more traditional lever, and rearranged the face buttons on the stick into a symmetric design. Plus, the design looks even sexier gaamepad before, with a crisp silver look that feels futuristic and retro all at the same time. Archived from the original on 14 July Show More Show Less.

I know that doesn’t directly answer your question, but I thought I’d at least give you some options in the event you can’t sudewinder the Sidewinder to work.